Jason Rios

Native American Medicine Man

Col. Jason Rios

Goodwill Ambassador

The Honorable Jason Rios is an American Medicine Man and advocate of the rights of indigenous people around the world. As one of the very few official international goodwill ambassadors of Globcal International he is responsible for preserving the traditional ideals of native societies in reality.

Ambassador Rios is a qualified authority entrusted by a great constituency of Native Americans and is one of very few US citizens that are authorized to legally use and administer hallucinogenic plants like peyote and other traditional methods spiritually or therapeutically in accordance with tribal customs of indigenous Americans. Jason Rios is part of a larger network of shamans and medicine men that use entheogenic plants and perform rituals honoring the spirit of the planet.

The Ambassador has a great following in the social media and joined Globcal International to serve as a vehicle to network his social justice efforts among indigenous and non-indigenous understanding of the present day. Rios operates a website and a business he calls CannaCURES from his home in Michigan where he works as a consultant. The ambassador is a pundit on indigenous tribal affairs, expert on indigenous knowledge and offers other services to the private sector.


  • Commissioner at Globcal International as Chief Indigenous Officer

  • Ambassador for Globcal International and the Indigenous Unity Foundation (See the flag)

  • Prior of United States Indigenous Grand Priory at Hospitaller Order of Saint Lazarus of Jerusalem

  • Chartering founding member of the Oklevueha Native American Church in Michigan